The Alps

I just caught the film “The Alps” (IMAX)  in the Hong Kong Space Museum at Tsim Sha Tsui. It was produced by MacGillvray Freeman Films, also the same company who produced Everest IMAX. Although a short 45 min documentary, there were lots of stunning images of the Alps. I especially loved how the film was projected on the entire inner surface of the concave ceiling of the dome-shaped building. Many a times, I really felt as if I was there in the mountains, plodding along / skiing on the snowfields. And I also felt my heart jumped out everytime the climber slipped as a result of an unstable placement of his ice tools on the slopes of the Eiger. The ‘lead’ mountain in the film is the Eiger in the Alps of Switzerland. In particular, the north face of the Eiger (4,158m)  has earned itself a reputation as a killer face, with its particularly steep face, regular rockfall,navalanches, flaky rock and unpredictable weather. With its knife ridge section leading to the summit, it sure looks more daunting when viewed from the top (as shot from a helicopter).  Lots of amazing footages, sure recommend this to everyone.

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