Wyeth’s Public Forum

The team was invited to attend a public forum organised by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, which is one of our sponsors. Personally, it was good “health education” to listen to an expert in the field of anti-oxidant research, Chronic Disease Prevention and Aging to expound on Health and Nutrition. I was also a little surprised by the turn out – the whole auditorium was filled with about 500 people, all happy to spend their Sunday afternoon listening to what the speakers had to share about Healthy Living. A good sign indeed for Singapore!  
Dr Jeffrey Blumberg , an expert in dietary antioxidants, chronic diseases prevention and ageing from Tufts University shared several research findings on the role of antioxidant nutrients and vitamins in promoting good health and the prevention of chronic diseases. In general, Dr Blumberg recommends taking a multvitamin everyday – to fill the nutritional gap (as it is very difficult to ensure that we eat well, every meal in modern living) and help prevent and in some cases, defer (postpone) the onset of chronic diseases.   
Dr V P Nair, senior consultant cardiologist from Mount Elizabeth Hospital spoke about the importance of heart health and the various measures we can take to prevent heart attacks. The heart is pumping 72 beats a minute, 105,120 for an average person and 2.6 billions beats in about 66 years). It is so easy to forget that it is there – working hard, silently.   

Both Nutrition and Heart Health are topics really close to my heart (pun unintended) – being a healthy, active person, I sometimes tend to take good health for granted, not realizing that illnesses can strike anyone at anytime.   
After the session, we also took the opportunity to take photographs with both Dr Blumberg and Dr V P Nair. 
It was an afternoon well spent indeed! 
Now, I must remember to take my Centrum. 


Team Photo taken with Dr Jeffery Blumberg (centre) and Mr Lam Pin Kee (extreme left)
Team Photo taken with Dr V P Nair (centre) and Mr Lam Pin Kee (extreme left)

Photo of me with Dr Blumberg

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