face the challenge

I’m currently reading this book titled “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” by John Wood. It’s about how Wood left his high ranking job in Microsoft as the director of business development to pursue his passion and a cause that needed to be addressed – providing books  and education for children in impoverished countries like Nepal and Vietnam. And it took just a trip to the Himalayas to convince him to give up his career and girlfriend to pursue this desire that was more lasting and significant. Although I do not have such ambitions like him to provide books and education to students in countries like Nepal (at least not now), there is something in me that tells me my priorities should change and it may not be wise to remain status quo and remain in my comfort zone. Will this be the right thing to do? I don’t know, but I guess it’s also time to stand up to what I’ve always wanted to believe – to face the challenge when it comes and more importantly, to embrace change.

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