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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I received a totally pleasant surprise during our company’s Chinese New Year staff lunch yesterday.
It was the usual Loh-hei, makan, singing of songs and playing games….then i suppose it was coming to the end of the programme and time to head back to our desks to work. Suddenly my manager, jacq went on stage and announced that I was going away to climb Everest and asked me to go up and receive something. I was like ?!?!!?!?!? * totally shocked*
My first reaction was to try and hide under the table as this took me completely by surprise. However I realised the space under the table wasn’t really big and I couldnt stay down there forever anyway.  But I really felt quite embarrassed as I haven’t even done anything great at all, definitely not worthy to go on stage!

My “prize” was a hard cover National Geographic book on Everest and what was extremely special was that it contained, in the first 3 pages of the book, well wishes penned by my dear colleagues at the Y.

I mean, what can I say??? I was so touched I wanted to cry on the spot…… It is certainly one of the most meaningful gifts I have received 🙂 I actually found out that it was my manager’s idea to pass around the book and let everybody pen their well wishes and present the book to me before I depart for Everest so that I can read and draw inspiration from it.  I must say that I am extremely blessed to have such a nice and supportive boss 🙂