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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Things to feel =) about:

1)this afternoon my bro sms-ed me saying that he will be sending an email out to all his friends and colleagues to publicise about our fund-raising projects as well as our Everest climb next year. Such a simple yet sweet gesture =)
2) my manager bought 16 calendars from me today too! that makes her the second highest individual buyer after kim boon, and well if you ask me, that’s actually quite an expensive gesture! touched man! 🙂
3) my mum also sold 1 calendar to her colleague in school. 🙂 well although it’s only 1 calendar, i find it sweet cuz as i mentioned before, she doesn’t really approve of my mountaineering stuff but yet she took the trouble to ask her colleague to support me.

ultimately, i know the calendar sales will not contribute that much towards the amount of $ needed to climb Everest. however, i think it’s through all these simple gestures, support & encouragement from family and dear friends that really spur us on and make this a team effort. it’s never only about the mountain…..

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Yes, do support us by purchasing one (or more!) of our limited edition 2008 Calendars!


How my office desk looks like! I have on my desk some pretty useless and useful items –
Useless items:
– black & white earrings displayed purely for aesthetics purposes
– magnetic panda card holder (which somehow happens to be black & white) given by Jane that can’t contain more than like 3 cards
– a zebra-like looking thing (black & white again?!?) that looks quite friendly, but really, it does nothing much. besides, i’m really not a big fan of animals 😛

Useful items:
– little figurines of climbers (complete with ropes and backpacks!) stuck on the upper portion of my computer monitor, to remind me that it’s probably much better to be embarking on some adventure as compared to facing the computer for 8 hours everyday at work.
– nice photos of our previous mountaineering expeditions that I put up, again to remind me that there’s a bigger world outside, something more exciting beyond my office cubicle, and they also do wonders to distract me from my work 😛
– Centrum Multivits, which functions to keep me healthy and hence turn up for work every day (and hence the need for more climbing figurines and climbing photos!) 🙂


Saturday, November 17th, 2007

jane, kyo and I did an ‘impromptu’ 30km run on thurs…. haha well, we weren’t actually expected to run that long, considering the fact that the longest distance that i ran since coming back from Cho Oyu was only like 15km, and at a snail’s pace. but oh well, the company and great cooling weather really helped and we were all glad we managed to clock 30km.  my legs were really aching and sore right after the run though…. we’re actually abit ‘off’ in the sense cuz everybody is supposed to be tapering at this point in time for the Stand Chart Marathon but we were actually trying to build up, having not run long distances for like since Aug before we left! oh well, i’m not gonna get my hopes too high in thinking of clocking a good timing, just hope i can at least finish it without too much agony! i suppose there will surely be agony and pain, but i shall try as far as possible to keep it to the minimum 😛

then today i had a one-to-one rock climbing + ice climbing session with KB at SAFRA Yishun today, only cuz nobody turned up in the morning! apparently he had invited like almost the whole climbing community to rock/ice climb but well nobody turned up and it became only him and myself. it was quite good cuz both of us basically tied into both ends of the rope and took turns to climb without having to unrope etc So looking forward to ice climbing in Sichuan in Jan! Yay it’s definitely something to look forward to and to keep me motivated 🙂 For now till then, we will just have to continue to train and build up our endurance and strength for long periods of climbing, to prepare for the Lhotse Face, which is a ‘1,125m wall of glacial blue ice and rises at 40 and 50 degree pitches with the occasional 80 degree bulges’. And all that at an altitude of about 7,200m. Gulp. Well, we had spent the last few years preparing and training for all our training climbs, and now that it’s finally a few more months to Everest, everything seems abit more daunting.  It’s like, you can never know for sure if you are prepared enough, or training enough, whether your fitness level and mental strength will be enough to bring you to the summit and back in one piece…. the only thing you can do is to train and prepare yourself to the best of your ability, and yet, be prepared to face and deal with all the unknowns.

Sunday, November 4th, 2007


For those of you who yearn for Nepalese food like tandoori chicken, Naan, Palak Paneer and momo, do visit Everest Kitchen situated at No. 518 Macpherson Road.

The boss, Dan (in pic) is a very friendly guy who has also kindly agreed to help sell our SWET calendars there…. so besides getting to taste great Nepalese food, you can also contribute to our cause by buying our calendars there!

Do visit Everest Kitchen’s website at !

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Went out for lunch with my colleagues today and one of them commented that I seem to have a very stressless and slack life at work, considering the fact that i ‘work for a few months, then go climb for another few months’. then he also went on to say how i was away during the planning stage of a mega event (the largest event in this year for my company), where almost everybody was roped in to help out in the planning & preparation. And when i came back, i simply ‘attended’ the event without doing much, like quite shiok like that.  Although he said it jokingly and I know he did not mean any harm, i felt bad and even guilty. Not that i did anything wrong, but somehow i feel that pursuing my own dream has encroached upon others and i don’t like the feeling. Yes, i know it might seem unfair for other people to cover my work while i’m away, especially so when they are already up to their neck doing their own. And I also shouldn’t assume that everybody is supportive and encouraging of what I’m doing. I truly appreciate those who have offered to help and provided encouragement, but i guess when it comes to the crunch, everybody just wants to cover their own backside, which is very normal. Yes, mountaineering can be a very selfish sport which probably brings no gain to the people around you, unless you are the kind who gets your source of inspiration by living vicariously through another person’s adventure. i am already dreading the time when i have to leave for Everest, and having to do up the long handover list, ‘delegating’ my work to my boss (yes how ironic) & colleagues (if we do not manage to find a temporary staff to cover my work) .  i really don’t like the feeling of owning someone a favour. Or perhaps i really shouldn’t think too much.

Jogging on the spot

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Have you heard of any 58 year old who wants to go on a diet? I know of one – my dearest mummy. Well, for all i know, my mum is not fat at all. She weighs about 54kg (which is lighter than me anyway), and the only thing that belies her small frame is her slightly protuding pot belly (which is actually characteristic of me too, something which i would like to attribute to heredity, and not a result of me overeating!). So it was no surprise when I met up with a long time friend, Gwen, who happens to work in the same school where my mum teaches. She told me she saw my mum jogging on the spot one morning while doing ‘morning assembly duty’. I immediately burst out laughing. Jogging on the spot?!? That sounded like an old school PE term! While doing morning assembly duty at that?? Gwen then went up to my mum to chat, supposedly to ask her why she was jogging on the spot. I mean, my mum is supposed to be doing assembly duty (although I seriously do not know what that entails – probably checking if the students had their shirts tucked in??), and not jogging on the spot! And according to Gwen, they carried on a conversation while my mum continued jogging on the spot!! When I went home the same day, I asked my mum why on earth was she jogging on the spot and she said she was so bored of doing morning assembly duty so she decided to jog on the spot, plus, she could also shed some weight in the process. I really hope she doesn’t do the same thing while waiting for the bus in the bus stop.