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26 July

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I have been so busy lately that I realized I haven’t met up with any of my friends (not counting my team mates, though obviously team mates are friends too) for weeks! I know being busy should not be an excuse, but really, when there are pressing things to be done, one’s social life has to take a back seat. Be it training, meetings, drafting proposals, meeting sponsors, media and PR and of course recently more intensive preparations for Cho Oyu, everything demands pockets of time and it’s not something whereby you can do as and when such as travelling from place to place. I’m just so glad that my close friends have been supportive and encouraging. Though I still feel bad la, that I cannot meet up with them as often as I would like…. Just the other day, Evan, my best friend (very old school I know) since Sec 1 sent me an sms asking me to be her bridesmaid when she gets married next year in Sept 2008. She was so sweet as to ask me when I would return from Everest as she wanted to make sure her wedding would take place after I come back. I’ve always knew she has been steady with her boyfriend but finally hearing the news that she will be getting married in about 1 year’s time is really something to rejoice, as well as to thank God for. I really feel happy for her that she has found happiness and someone to spend the rest of her life with (Sweet or scary you choose). Jane had to scare me by telling me that by the time Evan’s wedding arrives in Sept next year, it would have been about 3 months after we come back from Everest and by then, I would surely have put back all the weight loss during the 3-mth Everest climb and even worse, maybe I would gain much more! Yikes. And I foresee that will be the case as obviously I don’t think I will train as hard after Everest and that I will still continue to eat alot. The only potential remedy for this problem would be to plan for another climb in say, Nov or Dec 2008. In that way, I would be motivated to train hard for it and less likely to become too round to fit into a nice bridesmaid dress. Heh, obviously looking good in a dress is less of a motivation for me to lose weight as compared to the prospect of climbing a mountain 😛

16 July

Monday, July 16th, 2007

It’s exactly one more month before we leave for Tibet to climb Cho Oyu (8,201m) on 16 Aug !
Standing at 8,201m (roughly the height of 70 HDB blocks stacked one on top of the other), this will be our final training climb and ‘full dress rehearsal’ before we attempt Everest next year in March. How time flies. I still remember how was it like back in 2004 when we just formed the team. At that time, I couldnt even have imagined ourselves climbing a 7000m mountain. And now, we’re entering into our final preparation phase to climb Cho Oyu and Everest. As usual, I really can’t wait to escape from this urban jungle and head back to the mountains again.  We will be there for almost 2 months and climbing Cho Oyu will be a true physical and psychological test of endurance, determination and mental strength. Just as climbing Mustagh Ata last year was a milestone for the team, this 8000m mountain and the testing out of our supplemental oxygen systems will definitely be a watershed experience for all of us.
I remember puking when I smelled the instant noodles Jane was cooking at Camp 1 on Third Sister Peak located in Sichuan, China in Dec last year. As it is now, the very sight of our grey expedition cooking pot already can send waves of nausuea up my throat so I simply cannot imagine how I would be able to stand eating instant noodles throughout our Cho Oyu climb. Thus, I will definitely be looking into alternative food sources like freeze dried food, fried noodles (instead of the soupy kind) etc. Without a doubt, nutrition plays a very important role in our expedition and preparations actually start locally by making sure we fuel ourselves with enough carbo, protein and fats to provide us with energy especially pre and post training. In fact, i’m hoping to put on about 2kg before we leave for the climb so that my body will have enough ‘reserve’ to battle the tough conditions, though Jane has repeatedly cautioned me to make sure its not 2kg of fats that i put on! I certainly don’t need anymore to contribute to my already ’round’ figure! On top of eating well, we have also been religiously popping supplements such as glucosamine and CENTRUM (multi-vitamin) pills to keep ourselves in good health. Especially up on the mountains when nutrition in food may be compromised, such multi-vits will ensure we get our balance of nutrients… Falling sick on the mountains is really the last thing that we would want, so every step of preparation begins now!