A life’s journey begins with awareness

We cannot see infra red, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays yet we know that they exist.

Could thought be one of the frequencies that exist, just that we cannot see it or have a means to measure it yet?

Is there really a difference between the living and non living things, between human, animals and plants; when all are nothing more than protons and electrons coming together?

What is reality?

But a figment of what we choose to see at this moment in time and all that exists before is a mixture of probabilities.

What does it all mean?

It means to be aware of the impact and effect that our thoughts and words can bring.

When the time comes, more sense will we make out of this world and our place in the universe.

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  1. Al Diaz says:


    Well said; especially “impact and effect that our thoughts and words can bring”.

    Ilumine Ao,
    Al Diaz

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