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Give Life Intention

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

29 December 2007
A day of giving thanks and setting intentions for the new year ahead

A meaningful event that Barney and Agnes started at Minds Transformation and I am very glad to be part of it.

To be in a community of people who are taking the step forward to change themselves and to develop themselves to the fullest of their potential.

The power to change oneself is the same as the power to change the world.


I give thanks to these people whom have been part of my journey in climbing Everest, giving their unwavering support and contributions to our cause,

my family who has been there for every of our public events and fund raising initiatives,

my friends who rallied behind me lending their voice and hands in spreading the message,

my superiors and colleagues who bore the gap and held the fort while I was away in the mountains and

my good fortune that I have managed to stay mishap free through all these mountaineering expeditions.


Is climbing Everest a selfish sport, a sport that only a few enjoy?

Or in my case, a bout of suffering of cold, fatigue, headaches and breathlessness.

So much so, I have been mulling over this for years and wonder why did I continue on this journey?


The purpose of it has not really hit me until that afternoon when Barney asked me to share my story.

In which, a few people came up to me and shared that they were inspired to pursue their own dreams after listening to my story of climbing Everest.

To run their 5km run or to begin their exercise regime.

To climb their own Everest.


It is only on this path that I embarked on the road of self-discovery, that I found that I had the capacity to do so much more.

That I start to uncover this innate confidence to overcome any seemingly fearful challenges and insane lifestyle that I would not usually start on.

Wake up at 4am for a run, crazy, run a full marathon, insane, yet, these are the ‘new’ stuff that I’ve been pushing the boundaries.


When is the last time that we do something impossible?

Take the step forward, find your dream and climb your own Everest.