I was reading our Everest website blogs. Things really are quite different when read retrospectively. It is also scary how fast some things get forgotten and so I would like to recapture the regular habit of updating my blog every now and then.

I was telling Esther today that 2009 would be one of the most significant year in the course of our lives for a while to come. Think most of us can agree on that. It is when a five year wait has come to an end. It’s like biking on a trail with no side paths for five years and suddenly the scenery changes. the trail changes. Everything is no longer as predictable. Options open up.  Then where will you go. which path shall you take. Choosing one means you never see where the others bring you. Refusing to choose means you stay put and stop moving ahead.

The more I age, the more I think that options only serve to confuse you and put you on guard. I buy more stuff in a shop with less options, less variety. I get overwhelmed by variety and I end up abandoning all options. Or rather, with variety, I tend to look for the unique piece or the one that sticks out distinctively. When in a circumstance of less options, i might have easily choosen any other mediocre item. Of course, this has only been tested wrt shopping especially shopping in Bangkok two weeks ago. Haven’t given much thought to whether it extrapolates to other more crucial aspects of life.

Age. GY tells Esther Everest has aged us five years due to the sheer extremes the body is put thru.There I was thinking that exercise makes us younger, more youthful etc.

Skiing last week in a white out reminds me of the miserable base camp days when there’s no sun. It also confirmed that down is still my best friend. I will acquire a down vest one day. 

I also discovered that soaking in 41.5 degrees is more enjoyable after dipping in 19 degrees. And that 19 degrees is less intimidating when you are wholly immersed in it.Hokkaido really has impressive crabs. Everest base camp food talk has finally materialized. Crabs so huge they touch your neighbours at the table.  

Curly is also the new straight with regards to post intensive training hairstyles.

And the Indon ‘tai tai’ life for a few weeks post expedition where I made the realization that the dream life for most gals to find a rich husband is a fallacy. It’s hardly the dream life unless your pooches and shopping malls are you best friends. Or the salons and manicurists are your pals. It’s so lonely and adventure is better sought with a group of pals. Give me mountain biking anytime with sweat, dirt and post exercise feast.

Although paragliding was fun especially the instant you get lifted off the ground, and white water rafting was the weekend getaway trip and Bandung ignited an interest in snake skin. 

The more I write the more I remember.

2009 marks the end of a two year business. The path of an entrepreneur, I have come to realise, is lonely and limiting when you past the initial learning curve. The path of a successful partnership follows that of our team – common vision.

Trailblazer remains fun and with my parents at genting with us, we now have fantastic photos and the genting amusement park continues to amuse.I had a list of stuff I want to do for a while. 2 of which were learn guitar and motor. Post expedition, I have also done both and am still trying to master them.

Now I am contemplating a dog after the christmas in KL.

Wow. when you list them down like that, it makes it seems like a really eventful year. I nearly forgot about the triathlons in PD and Desaru and also the swimming. Then there’s the ride up Fraser’s hill in the rain!!! and witnessing a carbon bike built from scratch.

and I am overwhelmed. Didn’t set out to type a long post.  

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