Stories from the Mekong

Stories from the mekong


Every morning thin’s grandfather would row his boat out amongst the lotus fields to collect the dew condensed on the lotus leaves for his morning cup of green tea. Until he met the mekong monster one day and no more was heard of him.


The king of sticky rice wine

The king of sticky rice wine could down gallons in a night. Often, he would go to a table and match Everyone at that table. When the people got drunk, he would move to another table and match them again. He did this until no one wanted to drink w him. So he got a litre of sticky rice wine and drank it at home till he died of hunger.


The midnight children are borne of the river folk who go to bed at seven. The children of dawn are borne of the railway folk who get woken by e 4am train.


The bicycle pixie

The gal could not find any Bike small enough for her tiny frame. So she cycles only half a revolution and back peddles to start e next revolution


The siamese twins of mekong

The twins move around on a single Bike. each person responsible for only one side of the Bike.


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