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The number 25

Friday, February 6th, 2009

You know the story about this note. the question is why stop at 25. Let’s start a new note called 100. It’s fun doing this cos it’s always fun to talk about ourselves…

1. I just realised today that I have no life cos I have been gyming, climbing staircases n training for Everest for the longest time. So here I am, engaged in this very unhealthy activity of telling you things about myself.

2. I can speak a bit of Thai and am now trying to learn Malay n Cantonese. Ideally though, I would would be speaking French n more Thai if I weren’t such a miser. I think knowing different languages is particularly useful for talking behind pp’s back in foreign lands.

3. I have been thinking of keeping a cat for the longest time (1 yr) but am apprehensive because the last pet I had was a tortoise and it had been dead for weeks before I realised it.

4. I never turn on the water heater or the air conditioner in my house. So I usually jump in the shower and sweat in my sleep.

5. I love pajamas and I wear them every night. However, I do not wash them every night.

6. I have a set of pillows accumulated since when I was a baby and I love them so much I once thought I would be most contented dying with them all over my face.

7. I can’t bear to throw old stuff away so I have a constant struggle with my neat freak Mum on the state of my stuff in my room. Though over the years, my collection of stuff has been silently disappearing and I have learnt to pretend otherwise.

8. I love my house. The location is superb. The neighbourhood is not cluttered. My house is really windy and spacious. I cannot imagine living anywhere else and I fear the word en bloc. Thank god for the recession, I no longer have to.

9. I realised 25 things is actually quite a lot to type and this is taking longer than I expected.

10. I love studying. It’s the only thing where the amount of effort you put in yields you the equivalent amount of results. So I have always been pretty straight Aa.

11. I am not very far sighted wrt my life, I usually take on what’s ahead. My life meaning career, hobbies, skills, love etc. That is my constant worry.

12. I want to own a road bike on top of my mountain bike and get a bike stand.

13. I wanted to be a scientist when I was young and I thought of a few inventions. like the bike seat which will be filled with water to ease the sore butt. Then i also explored being a meteorologist and archaeologist.

14. I am impressed with people who are focussed and opinionated. I am also impressed with people who are not conventional. But i am also easily impressed.

15. I have days when I look in the mirror and think I am damn chio. There are also days when i think i look really boring.

16. Throughout my sec 1 and 2 life, I sauntered around school with a knee length skirt cos i thought it was cooler than following the ‘others’ and trimming it to above the knee. Obviously in Sec 3, I thought better.

17. I refused to remove my two side tooth when putting my braces cos I thought I should keep them for a rainy day. You never know when you are going to need more teeth in future. I now have no one but myself to blame for my protruding mouth.

18. I am quite compulsive. I usually eat a lot of one thing before I get so sick of it that I never will want to eat it again. I also must open the packaging of all food purchases for a taste the moment I leave the supermarket. Of course, some pp think it’s just greed. That’s why I remain impressed with Yp who’s able to apportion her snacks.

19. When I was young, I would wear my long pants on my head to pretend I had long hair. Yes. I wanted long hair that badly then. I still dream of growing my hair today.

20. I used to wonder how pp with hair past their waist keep the hair out of the toilet bowl. It grosses me out.

21. I never sit on public toilets even when I am shitting. I am the master of half-squats, even drunk.

22. My recurrent nightmare is of me in a toilet cubicle that is so small, there’s no way I can avoid touching the toilet bowl. Usually I wake up needing to go to pee.

23. My mum is a great cook. I think she should sell her penang laksa.

24. I just realised last year that I do not have a very keen sense of smell. I believe it developed with years of sniffing the old pillows. I also realised that it is actually a blessing in disguise at times.

25. I used to keep a written diary. Velda thinks that’s what keeps me sane. I still have a diary but I no longer write as much. Maybe that’s why I am cranky at times.