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Stairs Wander

Monday, May 19th, 2008

What wanders through the head in about 120min, 240 steps, 30 storeys, with 17kg???

Aloe vera plants – How huge they can grow

Blankets and laundry  – how can one dry the laundry at the stairwell and then place it intimately onto their beds

Work – Reports to submit, how to increase my sales

Rabbits – whaht happened to the rabbbits on 3rd floor

beer boys who said hi – amusing for the night

Hairdressing Cabinet – when was the day they opened for business

Dinner I can smell 

Smokers at the stairwell – Panting, I cannot get enough air

kids saying farewell at lift landings – so many babies and children

well dressed individual in the lift with me – how clean they are, I wonder if I smelldrinks

water – never tasted better

4 down – half more to go

15th floor – 1/2 down

20th floor – 10 more

time – need to get up by 8min

What is the time – Can I finish by 10pm

Ankle weights – hate them, need to wear the bigger ones, bummer they are leaking, I will not spend more money on these wretched things

thighs – can I fit into my pants again

Watch – bugger, I forgot to wear my stopwatch, gotta use my phone

hand phone strap breaks – SHIT, not the first time

Flyer – I can see and it is moving so slowly

Drippping sweat on the stairwell

tired – remember what its like in the mountains 

Gust of wind – much welcomed

Music – Too lazy to charge the shuffle

pantinglast set – 8th set, cannot wait to be done 

I decided I will blog down the thoughts fleeting by 

because how else will you know

These lonesome stairs training nights….