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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Went blading at ECP today before my run… and I finally saw the park connector. I have heard so much about it but never got the chance and time to explore.  It got me thinking of all these exciting things to do. I am so going to organise a blading round the connectors….. I am hoping pp like YP, KAI, Rick, LW and Jensen will be interested. It would be such a workout. and if a marathon is completed in like 5 hours, blading 42km will simply take nno more than 5 hrs.And I am also itching to bring my bike out for a ride on the connector. One day when the sun’s not yet setting. And blading this evening made me realise how much I enjoy blading w my headphones by myself. It’s so good to have some time to yourself and enjoy the sea and open skies. An instant mood lifter. so much so that when I met my fren to run later, i was in this ‘the world is beautiful’ mode. Endorphins are just great. better when they’re released in such a scenic setting. and i am contemplating doing the aviva half ironman. the only thing holding me back is the cost. and i havent exactly done a tri. This contemplation just occured to me one day when I’m at work. I just hope I can pass the cut off times for each segment. More reason to bike and swim. to do it or not.  

What I learnt during the very enjoyable lunch today at Senso…

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Catatonic: characterized by a marked lack of movement, activity, or expressionSharks are massaged until they basically hypnotize them. It is only good for about 10 minutes, then the sharks start to come out of it. I have also seen it happen when sharks are flipped on their backs. Fish will do the same thing. They did it recently in an Australian aquarium so they could artificially inseminate a shark.It is called a catatonic state. ts like a’s done two differnt ways..Smaller sharks:get flipped upside down.Whereas bIgger sharks (Ex: tiger, great white, and some reef sharks)have what you’d call “sweet spots” where if you touch there nose LIGHTLY and rub it it totally freezes almost instantly and doesnt move at all. though there still dangerous cause they can easliy bite back as soon as you stop petting it.they found that sharks actually enjoy the “sweet spot” and will most the time come back to you for it. it acts almost cuddly..and they also found that most the time it was females.