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What have you been up to??

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Oh my….The last time I logged in was more than a month ago? It’s all these passwords and stuff. I got my comp reformatted by some stroke of genius and subsequently lost all my passwords…thus I couldn’t log into this blog.time has been wheezing past….I can hardly breathe…. I got tons of books to read. for which I still cannot find the time to curl leisurely on my beautiful couch to read…And it doesn’t help that the weather’s getting warmer so curling up in your couch is not as appealing…My new interest is in this game called GUITAR HERO….MAN!!!I really felt like a rock star when I was strumming school’s out, doing the starpower thing where you have to keep your guitar vertical.I only got to finish the song after getting booed off the stage several times….. and so I now have renewed respect for the guitarists…… and i wanna learn the guitar… always wanted to but somehow veered off track somewhere along the way.guitar-hero-blog.png And there’s the talk show to be aired on 9th march…with Eunice Olsen.Me and Esther with pro makeup….guess we just look like we have really good skin… PG looks the same though…..hahahas es-n-me-blog.png me-n-pg-blog.png