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Days of our lives – The movie

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Premiering soon…..

That would be a HORROR. It would be a three hour screening and the characters would not even have gotten through Breakfast.

Anyway Hor Wai thought of the movie idea when I met him and GF to pass him TWO of our calenders. So generous. He’s great.

Had a talk at Eusoff this evening as well. The hall master is really supportive and bought a bunch of t shirts from us. Another great guy.

Buy more of our stuff. Get exclusive mention on my blog. ahah


Monday, December 17th, 2007

THIS was on someone’s blog…..and I saw it only after I went shopping..

I just learnt that:
1. Americans make up 5% of the world’s population and yet they consume 30% of the world’s resources.
2. My computer is spoilt because of an insidious plan called planned obsolesence… Deliberate reduction of shelf life to create forced sales.
3. many products contain BFR (brominized Falme Retardents) and they are neurotoxins. I remember staring at my tent every morning cos it has a tag saying its treated for flame retardent….arghhhhh
4. The amazon forest is disappearing at a rate of 7 football fields PER MINUTE
5. 99% of the things americans consumer end up in the waste within 6 months.
6. Advertisements make u buy things you don’t for thought for a Copywriter…
7. Goverments should be by the people, for the people.
8. Breastmilk contains toxins too….food for thought for a breast milk PHD student
9. We’re on a constant treadmill of work, go home and watch commercials telling us to buy new things, going to buy new things and going back to work again to sustain the purchase.
10. Our world would be happier if there were more thrift values and became less comsumeristic

make me a farmer’s wife anytime…..

and if you don’t buy stuff, ask pp for their stuff…like my new beret…heh heh heh



Sunday, December 16th, 2007

I am feeling swarmed….with work, with SWET with other engagements and projects…

It’s an irony. When I have all the time in the world, I feel like I am wasting my life away. But now when there seems to be so much to do, I feel like I am struggling for air. and my freakin computer has to die on me now. I can’t do nothing on this except using safari. My harddisk is apparently busted. And there always seems to be a freakin long queue at wheelock so I haven’t had the chance to fix my comp. Bugger.

I feel like I am not giving my best in the projects I take on simply cos I am spread too thinly…

I am such a glutton

Friday, December 14th, 2007

After the family combo pizza at kai”s house, potato chips and reisling…I came home and went to cook a pack of thai crab bee hoon simply cos I felt like something spicy…

I am such a glutton. and the noodles are not really nice. we should just stick to thai tom yum….

Eating these noodles reminded me of high camp where I had to force feed the bee hoon when I was tenting with Jo. Gosh, one really feels like puking after like 5 mouthfuls. I was really swallowing it and just trying to prevent myself from regurgitating…

Gosh those were hard times…

We were on Class 95

Friday, December 14th, 2007

How cool is that.

Gleen and carol talked about us. and then this doc i spoke to in mt E told me he heard it too…

And the coolest thing is I heard snippets of it on Class 95 in the middle of the day when they were advertising the morning express.

COOL mega ultra cool.

Not that we have not been on radio before but hmmm this time we are actually a talking point and are not on air.

And my frens are all coming for the marmot festival.KAI, YP Olivia, Bren, Jensen, gary, Hhweeling, maybe even harry. even old frens like Ted are coming…..Would have seen more pp but those weddings…..

I wonder if Velda and YL will show up in the end.

And I sold another calender today to adeline. She was so shuang kuai….She even wanted to donate to the team when she saw TNP article….

Sunday, December 9th, 2007


GOD I am so freaking OLD

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

30 min into 26 yrs old….I feel asphyxiated by the weight of old age…..urgh….


On the upside, it feels like a public holiday…..


Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Anyone who is vaguely tuned to the media would know that there has been a lot of emphasis placed on global warming and environmental awareness. Some congress or meting of sorts just passed in Bali not too long ago…

But I maintain that we are all still hypocrites in our approach to environmental protection.

I saw pictures of the Orchard road lightup being highlighted in the papers. The entire fountain was ‘wrapped’ in LED lights, shopping centres are still decorating themselved with loads of lights. And this has and will be going on for more than a month, every single night. All in the name of tourism.

Just think of it. Such futile use of electricity. and we say we are trying to do something for the environment. If the govt were really trying, then I say they should declare a DIMMER christmas this year. Then they would really be catching the attention of the public, not to mention the world. Be done with they silly concerts, I say this is more effective.

I have the same sentiments when I visited the National museum recently. There were these huge oscillating pendulums covered in red lights. They were a rather fresh sight and a quirky contrast in the midst of the white washed interior of the museum. However, it’s again another example highlighting the futile use of electricity isn’t it. Just that this time its in the name of art.

I used to be really irked by wastefullness. But as I grew older, time constraint and effectiveness took over my concerns. Thus I am as much a hypocrite in the issue of being green. I drive, I get lost, I waste more fuel. I print stuff simply cos they are easier to refer to when printed. I discard reusable things on a daily basis. I buy a lot of things I do not need thus contributing to the production of more useless things. I on the lights at home cos I like bright places.I have a HP, PDA, Laptop, IPOD and Ishuffle which all require charging.

It’s a vicious cycle

My legs are aching like hell

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Grrrrr my legs are really aching more than they ever did in my entire three years of running marathons.

I attribute it to the my goal this year of running without walking…..Anyway even though everyone seems to do thhat effortlessly, I maintain that it is detrimental to me. At the 32km, my legs were so sore from the repetitive action of striding and pounding that they felt like a different part of me if I lifted it too high or strided further than what I ad been doing…..that was when I had this thought…Maybe I should stretch…but thhen I struggled internally since stretching involved stopping which was against my goal this year.

SO anyway I went and did it anyways. It felt so good to stretch. But sadly I was not much faster after….and then at the 39km mark, I walkedfor like 150m….yes I am so ashamed of myself for not keeping to my goal of the day…but i just needed my legs to bedoing something different after so long…and that was when I concluded that I cannot make it back before 5hrs… disappointing.

I was hoping to be one of those who never train and yet clock a FOURhrs something….GRRRRR so annyway my timing was about 5hrs and 10min…lousylousylousy..

the upside is I met quite a lot of pp….Chenyu, Mike, Xavier, Joyce, Colleen, Ronghui
But I din get to see Seeling and Weibin =(

and I wanna complain!!!!! they wouldn’t give me 2 powergels….I was kinda irritated cos it’s not like I was intending to store them at home for future use. and I mean they could jjust donate more powergels in future if they wanted to have a station giving out powergels. I don’t even care if its near expiry…GRRRRR

and the few things which tickled me
1. man on left: arrow pointing to right, she had one briight idea
woman on right: I had one lousy idea

2. I am running so I hhave a valid reason to take mc tomorrow.

3. Man in straw hat and jjap wraparound top says I am japannese and i ran marathons 304 times

4. Man with a keep running, chase me if u can message on his bib and he was WALKING.

5. spiderman

6. balloon woman

and i had this sudden epiphany…maybe i should go and pierce my nose. yes yes yes,….despite my veryy flat and non flattering chinese nose.