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What a steal

Friday, November 30th, 2007

I can’t be happier right now. I met an ex-colleague who had passes to an exclusive estee lauder sale and I got the following but the downside is I don’t have much opportunity to use them this weekend since tomorrow’s bukit timah then safra then rest for marathon and Sunday is marathon. I will be jelly after the marathon.

marathon. I haven’t been training for it. The only training I did was the long run at ECP (18km) and the run and spin day in gym. And I am aiming to NOT STOP RUNNING during the marathon. My last year timing was about 5 hours and I wasn’t running continuously. I wanna do less than 5 and am hoping I am going to succeed with my meagre training.

Anyway my great buys:

missoni acqua (which is apparently not launched yet!!!), (more…)


Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

At Mortons


performing the great disappearing act


damn coffee beans

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Must be the dark chocs loaded with coffee beans I ate after today’s team meeting. I am WIDE AWAKE now at two am. I am so gonna die tomorrow morning (the story of my life every morning) and I am dreading stairs….Stairs are the most dreadful….

Not only do you look really unglam, you actually look ludricrous with the big bag and the ankle weights while dripping buckets onto the lift floor while pretending to be so into the music from your ipod shuffle that you’re not bothered when the other occupants in the lifts are wondering if you’re half crazy.

Was looking at old pics… Saw this pre Cho Oyu shot which looked vaguely humane…


A long winded summary of two days

Monday, November 26th, 2007

I haven’t been updating my blog as often…….Did you think its because I’ve got too busy a social life to sit in front of the comp and type out my thoughts and stuff? Nah quite the contrary… I’ve been busy no doubt but I have also been lazy…

Let’s see….I woke up on sunday at twelve even though I slept at ten on sat. (and I can hear you go ‘HUH??? ten on a sat night???? ‘) So anyway I got terrible stomach ache and I mistakenly ate anarex instead of panadol and thus had to cancel on dinner with Kai and come home and writh in agony….and yeah that was also another failed opportunity to eat the ‘damm good foood and at damm good price’ botak Jones. I have not eaten there YET!!! despite all the hype and adverts and tv features…

Yeah so sunday…I woke up and then I realised that the marathon is in a week’s time (thanks to weibin who messaged me to ask who i’m running with and then refuse to run with me!!!)
I started to freak out since the longest run I did was on monday at ECP about 16-18km??? (oh and I met aloysius on the run…most coincidental since its been years since I last met him….we actually went on a north to south backpacking trip in vietnam when I was in uni year 2.)
Yeah so I decided to go gym and runfor hour and half and spin for another hour. IN the end I only did an hour and like ten min run and spining. Spinning was a surprise though since this is the first time i’m going to adeline’s class…annd she is actually pretty good at getting the class hyped up…and It feels kinda good when everyone’s going yeah woo hoo ra ra kind of thing. So that was a good spin though I was a wee bit tired so I din really push all that hard at all the intervals….But I sure pedaled when we were doing the breakaway….so Adeline…you go gal….and she was nice enough to buy 2 copies of the calender at my office that day….YAY!!! and she still said she would buy another from esther…..
Annd after that very fruitful gym workout, I got a stussy steal…singlet at 70% off….woo hoo…

and I actually allowed myself to be ripped by spinelli…six buxks for their smoothie…I din remember it being so ex in the past…and I sure know what goes into the smoothie since I worked there before…..hrumph….six bucks…
And I have also succumbed to the donut hype….I am ashamed to say…I went to donut factory and bought like 12 donuts…and I finished 3 on the walk home and 2 at in all I ate 5 donuts as my post workout nourishment….and I wonder why I am putting on weight….hur hur hur…

Although I maintain that krispy kreme donuts are still TO DIE FOR!!!

I hhave a donut test…it’s the sugar glazed donut that you have to try to decide whether the donuts are worth your while….Krispy kreme totally melts in your mouth…I still remember eating it in london at harrods….eating it in sydney during my zhuo boh free trip from sia….It’s so heavenly and chewy and yet its not that heavy…So anyway donut test, donut factory is nnot bad, muchy is BAD. but surprisingly, the assorted ones at munchy is actually better than the donut factory.
Well tim hortons has pretty good boston creme…they are utterly sinful…I remember my first was in….ok I don’t remember which town but it was while me howard and mary were doing the buus across canada thing and it was in this small town….shucks I cannot remember liao…anyway boston creme…they are chocolate coated and they have like damn rich creme or custurd filling and everything just oozes out when you bite into it…I remember it being really good….but in retrospect, custurd doesn’t sound too enticing.

And the best part of sunday was that I finally finished Jane’s book – nice work…and she’s right. I do like it. It’s not one of those books which just tells a story. This one uses a story to illustrate other ideas, politics, criticisms and even have a literary discussion. and it is realistic…academics really do have no knowledge of the industrial world and hence they may be more idealistic than practical or realistic. They may not be governed by mere capital gains. But you cannot discount either since both are important. and we do need ideals and we need culture and we also need to be realistic….the book also discusses different hierachy systems in the academic world and the coporate world which I find interesting. Talks about left wing ideals, about feminist theories fact, writing these down, I suddenly realise what a huge effort the book has been, trying to incorporate all the theories and ideals and examples so seamlessly into the novel which not only makes it an interesting read but one which makes you think back and marvel…. I especially like the silk cut cigarettes example of how a very simple advertisement can be prejudiced against women….

and gosh..I am freakin long winded…and that was just about ONE day. I haven;t even gotten on to the highlight of TODAY.

Thanks to seeling and her last min invitation to a MBA session by University of Michigan, I decided at seven that I will go with her to the american club for the session. It was a real eye opener. ok..not that big an eye opener but it got me thinking…talking to the professors there, looking at the school curriculum and program, I think getting into business school is going to be my next short term goal after everest. Maybe I can study for gmath during everest. how cool is that. doing math in hypoxic conditions, I wonder if it;ll train my brain to function better at sea levels….
My only limiting factor is money. same with everest. it’s always money huh…. Sure I can take a loan for business school… but its like easily 200k. I will be bonded forever…and I am not good with commitments. I don’t like the idea of being commited to something. Even if I earn 100k per annum, it’ll still take three four years to repay my debts.
But it does sound like an exciting time. if it really delivers what it promises. If the interaction with the students and profs are really so stimulating. But gosh, I will live my student life to the fullest if I really do get into biz school… get involved in the student groups, pioneer some student club etc etc…

The last highlight – Gary is back from london!!!(again) and he and hweeling are coming to the marmot festival on 15th Dec… 6 days after my birthday!!!! heh….So unexpected but so cool…it’ll be fun. That made me think that maybe I shall go and invite Nam and maybe even Xavier…

and man are the strawberries sweet today….

If only

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

They din invent electric light….then we would have to start work later and end work earlier…
They made wednesday a weekend…then we would hhave a break every two days of work..

But they did invent light….which explains why I was better rested in the mountains… we only emerged when light fell on our tents and made it unbearably warm. and we slept mostly by ten since we don’t have many late night bridge games, talk cock sessions and reading books at night makes it unbearably cold cos your hands stick out of the sleeping bag and they don’t get enough blood flow upside down.

And wednesday is not a weekend and so I have to go to work tomorrow at freakin SEVEN and work till NIGHT cos there’s a morning thing and a night thing going on!!!

And lastly, a note to prospective employers (in the very rare chance that they have the time to read this ) I am NOT as lazy as I sound……hahahha

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

I think these Smith glasses are damn chio on ME!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair…


The Pillow man

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

The pillow man was made of pillows. even its teeth and fingers were made of tiny pillows. It had two round buttons for eyes and a huge wide smile.

The pillowman had a very sad job. He could travel thru time and thus he would often go to the children with a bleak and sad future ahead of them and convince them to commit suicide. He did this so as to save them the trouble of having to endure a terrible life and have to end w suicide anyway.

Since children are not known to commit sucide, the pillowman had to teach them to make the sucide look accidental. Like crossing a busy road, eating too many candy like pills etc.

There was this particular day when he tried to convince this little gal to kill herself. But she was very happy and would not listen to him. SO he left her alone. But that night, there was a knock on her door and it was the man. the man came to her room every night her mum was out. This continued until the gal grew up into a sad adult. When the grown up gal was trying to stick her head in the oven, she asked the pillowman why he din try harder to convince her when she was young. He replied, ” You were too happy!”

So anyway the pillowman grew tired of his sad sad job.And he was sitting one day by the river when he heard a little boy saying bye to his mum. The little boy was a little pillowman. Little pillowman sat with the big pillowman and listened to his life. He was a good boy who wanted to help. thus he doused himself with kerosene and set himself to fire. As he burned, the big pillowman slowly faded away as well.

One of the stories which stuck from the play….

Your name is Justine

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Heartwrenchingly depressing….
prostitution, cheated by jerk-s, violence
A film so brutally shot that I could really feel her pain and anguish and thus feeling rather disturbed now!

on a lighter note, I finally saw the erasable ink pen they were advertising on tv. at the bookshop at basement of cathay.

The pen is so COOL. remember the days of ink eraser? this pen is so cool, the ink disappears when there’s friction. and there is absolutely no residue. I just cannot think of a use of erasable pen now that I AM NO LONGER IN primary school. and it’s cheap. 2 bucks.variety of colours. COOL.


Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I think its really sweet when your family buys a few calenders to show their support in your passion even when they really disapprove of the sport due to the inherent risks.


Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I am really a cheapo at heart who beams at free stuff….. samples galore.
or maybe the state of my post cho oyu face says it all…..