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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

In the adult world of cold hard facts, can you still conjure up enough imagination to weave a work of fiction???

It’s going to take me a while to do that. I have lost that make believe world in me. I cannot remember the last time I day dreamed. I was too caught up in the factual existance of life.

This hit me as I was reading my VJC Odac teacher’s blog. He was writing a series of love stories in the blog and he’s going to Japan in a few weeks time just to soak in the atmosphere and write….

Day dreaming is vital to a wider realm of things. Things we tend to be short sighted about as we go about in our daily rush.


Monday, October 29th, 2007

I know now, after three years, why nephews are good…


they can run errands around the house for your…like bringing you ice cream or throwing ruubbish away for you.
You can bluff them that transformers on Utube is faulty and never let them watch it again
They are kinda cute after my Cho Oyu trip cos they no longer make false accusations at me
their chinese is hilarious
You can finally have conversations with them and actually understand them.

But mostly, they are good for running errands…and they actually listen to me.

this coming from the auntie whose nephew told her he wants to cut her with a knife…

HOUSE @ Dempsy

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I went here today. my ex-colleaguue works there. It’s my first trip back to Dempsy since we left for cho Oyu.

MY GOODNESS!!!! It’s amazing how they turned the ghostly deserted looking barracks into ‘dempsy hills’ complete withh fountains and gardens….I was pleasantly shocked as I drove in there. And I thought I would get lost (as I always do in Dempsy) but wow….they actuually label the places pretty well these days.

Back to House. It’s cool. it’s a damn huge place opened byy the woman who brought in Strip and Browhhaus and Spa Esprit. So anyway House is unique cos it’s a bar cum dining cum spa place…..and the place is just HUGE. they’ve even got their own creative team…(esther look out) there are bits of art pieces hanging ard everywhhere…..

So the atmosphere there is artsy fartsy cum army barrack cum lush tropics…..every room in the spa is jjust heavenly….It’s got a bit of retro nostalgic feel added to the design….standing in the rooms facing the forest, coupled with the whiffs of fragrant essential oils, it just sets you to an idyllic rainforest retreat far away from pesky crowds and office datelines.

And here I am raving about this place I am not even paid to rave for……

I am so going to org a drinks session there so I can get the discount….

The things people do….

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Check out the dashboard collection….
and the words on the front if you can read it…..well…if you u can’t it reads XXX and YYYY FOREVER!!!!! erm….oookkkk..

hellloooooooo kitty



Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Seeling told me to go watch this utube video of the last lecture of a prof from carnegie mellon uni. Prof Randy pausch. The description of the video reads as follows:

andy Pausch set the tone early on yesterday at his farewell lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

“If I don’t seem as depressed or morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you,” said Dr. Pausch.

It is probably the last public speech Dr. Pausch will give anywhere. The 46-year-old computer science professor and father of three preschoolers has incurable pancreatic cancer. Doctors have given him months to live.

Yet, standing at the podium in McConomy Auditorium on the campus yesterday, Randy Pausch did not focus on impending death. Instead, he celebrated the chance he had been given to live the life he always had dreamed of.

He said the following which makes a whole lot of sense:

Brick walls are there for a reason – they let us prove how badly we want things.
Brick Walls are there for a reason – There are there to stop the pp who do not want it badly enough.
If you are screwing up and nobody cares to tell you, you’re in trouble. Your critics actually love you.
Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you want.
Wait long enough and pp will surprise and impress you.

In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here…

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Some pics from dinner at brewerkz with the cho oyu pp. What a change from ABC with everybody all dressed up. (except PG )
And brewerkz is amazing. I called on friday morning to book a table and they told me reservations were full and we needed to call 3 days in advance. How ridiculous. Singpaore has turned into a beer guzzling cohort.
So me and esther had to do the uncool thing of going early to ‘chop’ a table.

me n jane
KB, Esther n the durian man
PG N Mike

Something to reflect on

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I was talking to Jensen about a prospective trading date when he asked me if Jane was attached. to which I said yes. then he asked me if Esther was attached. Which I said yes again. then I questioned if he was initially interested in them? to which he replied that they looked nice in the website and he was trying to pair hhis fren up with one of them.

I kindly informed him that one of my teammate is only innterested in well built men. And as expected, his fren is L*E*A*N.

So anyway, I interestingly asked him why he din think of pairing ME up with his fren. ( I mean after all I knew him for like 8 years??? and I’ve been NICE to him ) and horrors of horrors he couldn’t reply me. sob…. wat a bruise to my ego.

In the evening when we were meeting these great pp from J lite, I relayed the story to the team. and guess what? Yihui asked me the same question too. She was eating this creamy pasta, got her creamy white sauce all over her lower lip in typical Yh style when she opened her mounth with the half chewed food asking if my friend asked if she was attached. I was like, what do you think????

ha, guess I was not the only one with the bruised ego.

Shopping Spree

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I was bored. NOBODY was free to eat free beef sandwiches with martinis at Mortons with me!!!! SO I went shopping. Oh our beautiful consuumeristic society. For a while after I returned, I actually intentionally avoided shopping centres. Crowded, pesky shoppers. Who says consumer goods industry are facing challenges with slowing sales in traditional mass markets, rising cost and waning pricing power.

and I din even know that my apple card gives me a 10% off. glorious.

Anyway I bought the FM transmitter so that I can listen to my ipod in my car. It works so beautifully. and easily. just tune to a station with white noise and use that freq as the transmitting station. how cool is that. and I am listening to smoke over water from my radio…..

and I was just thinking that if I got the apple phone, then I dont even need to bring an ipod ard cos my phone will be my ipod. majorly cool!!!!

And i got new birkies……about time since my old one is falling apart and some other brand shamelessly copied the design.

now I am doubly broke. Luckily its payday soon.

What is your 5 year plan?

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I need a 5 year plan for my life. Lenin had one and he did well in Russia. I need one too.

For a while, my 5 yr plan was Everest. But now that it is finally coming to fruition, I need a bigger plan. One that does not cause my bank account to deplete as rapidly but does the reverse.

Friends around me are all thinking of or applying for MBA. Very attractive as I think it would be a very insightful experience bound to open more doors. But its a long drawn process not to mention expensive. And I need to be clear on where I see myself eventually. The coporate world? The outdoors? My own boss?

This life plan will take a while…..

Repeal 377a

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Are you for or against it???

Some excerpts from the speech against this repeal:

1. What you do in private has public repercussions. – WOW! like we know if you had sex last night. Seriously, if its private, how would it affect us?

2. Anal sex is like shoving a straw up your nose to drink. – haha that is an interesting perspective. But hmmm liposuction is a bit sick too don’t you think? One is for pleasure and another is for beauty, not much difference there the way i see it… There are many other weird things normal, straight civilised pp do too.

3. to say a law is archaic is chronological snobbery – I wonder, isn’t the reverese true too?

6. an open mind, like an open mouth, should closed on smt solid. – this make no sense to me.

7. not to take a stand is to take a stand – Errr have you heard of indifference? A lot of pp really don’t care. That’s the generation of today. We are pretty impassive abt things.

But really, I don’t care if 377a is repealed. It’s just that the arguments they make for keeping it are not very convincing. I think the lot of them should just take a walk through tanjong pagar, cali gym and around town. There are like more gays than ever before. I can’t tell who’s straight or not anymore. and it is NOT uncommon to see a group of guys giggling over coffee/drinks at a table. So if it is already so prevalent, what will stubbornly refusing to accept the behaviour do? Anyways, I never thought that the repeal would be successful. I doubt they will ever relent.

All the more reason to come up with more plays/musicals to advocate support for another repeal…