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My Current Obsession

Monday, August 6th, 2007

My latest obsession after harry pottie is Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Potato chips. The next obsession is watching 80s cartoons on You Tube.  (I must just add though that I din like the pottie ending. Harry’s kids with ginny and ron and Hermione together just made me cringe)

Check this stupid crying smurfs. I forgot how ridiculous gargermel looked. And the storyline. The antidote is located at a garden near the evil guy and they will get caught while trying to nip the antidote. Classic.

Then there’s transformers. I never watched it when I was young. But I actually find it engaging. Ahhaah. And Esther was just saying at BT that day abt how creative pp in the past were. Even with names. Totally agree. Optimus Prime. Sounds damn majestic. I tune the TV to kids central some weekends I get to wake up late and I am appalled at the cartoons kids have to bear with these days. I mean they don’t even entertain me. Goodness.

That’s why I made my nephew watch this old version of transformers and he was hooked. My experiment of how old cartoons still enthrall present day kids. It’s proven. I paused the show thrice and thrice he asked me to continue playing it…TRICE…..hahah
And then of course I had to relive my fav show of the past. Carebears. But now I actually find them singing a little too much. Ahaah Why was I so into them in the past? I would watch the tapes over and over again. Now they just sound too goody two shoes. And a little lame going I care about you even if no one does (yah right)…and all the niceties love, share blah blah blah….. okok I still finished the whole movie.

Anyway YouTube is great!!!