No Glory

Mountain climbing is somewhat different from many sports. Perhaps it is not thought of as a sport by some.Unlike triathlons and running races or even racquet games, where there are throngs of people watching, to see how one performs at different stages, and more so to cheer, to welcome athletes at the finishing. When we climb, we are pretty much on our own, no spectators to greet us at the summit.

There is no competition in mountain climbing. I mean, we don’t race to get to the top, and hence, there’s no excitement to that extend, therefore, no audience to woo.

In principle, it is between me and the forces of nature, or me and my weakness. No other forms of human considerations, my decision dictate my fate in the mountains. It is this simplicity that draws me to want to keep climbing.

I am thrilled by the view and sense of achievement when I stood on top of a mountain. Instinctively, I know that it is only half a journey done, I still have the other half of the journey to battle with.

Whatever, there is no podium to stand on, no medals to win, no spectators to wave to. There is no glory for mountaineers, and I am perfectly fine with that.

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