Rain Rain Go Away

This is the festive season, and a wet one often.  It has been raining these days and kind of disruptive to any outdoor activities.

The sky looks clear today.  So, I went East Coast Park with Karen & Ivy.   We wanted to finish a half marathon, but the weather did not allow us to do it.  Not that we didn’t like running in the rain, infact, we were pretty happy running in the rain.  What scares us is the lightning.  It kept flashing above us, though we know that it is a distant from us, the fear still sets in.   Well, Corrine was to run with us, but she was caught in the rain somewhere in Simei, she did not turn up.  Good for her 🙂 .

I could see many disappointed faces.  The picnickers were drenched, BBQ pits were soaked, camping tents collapsed to the ground.  Not a very happening situation to be in.

This is no difference from encountering foul weather in the mountains.  The rapid change in weather affects our climbing schedule, affects our plan, affects our progress, affects our mood!  When there is a prolong whiteout condition, fear engulf us.

I really have no idea how the weather will turn out tommorrow.  I am going to run in the morning, please keep the rain and lightning away!