World’s Longest Journey on Skates

Two days ago, I met Swee Chiow at East Coast Park.  He had just completed his final training on skates, while I was preparing to start my long distance run. 

I am excited for him, as he is going to embark on another adventure journey.  He will attempt to break the Guiness World Record of the Longest Journey on Skates.  The current record is 4,175km.

Swee Chiow’s route, from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore, is approximately 6,000km.  He plans to do it in 100 days.  He is using this expedition to convey the environmental message of energy conservation.

Swee Chiow left for Hanoi this morning.

Swee Chiow                                                                          Swee with his two kids Sheng Feng (left) and Sheng En (right)

Wee Leng                                                                        Wee Leng (aka Mrs Khoo) with daughter Sheng En < wee leng will be joining swee chiow in Hanoi to give him her fullest support:) >

Joanne                                                                            A photo with Swee Chiow

Supporters of Swee Chiow can track his daily progress throughout the 100-day journey by visiting his website at

I wish him best of luck and a safe journey.