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Lazy joanne

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Lazy and lazy but lazy … that’s the only word to describe me now.  I am getting lazy to write these days.  What have I been busy and lazy with? I am trying to list down the things that I have been doing for the past 2 months since we launched our AMP.  I am thinking hard, what kept me away from writing on this blog.

I still do my regular runs at ECP & MacR; I skipped stairs for two weeks (oops, hope zhenzhen won’t read this); you still see me at Bukit Timah trail training with my favorite pack that is 13yrs old (yes, I treasure my gear, more so, it was a gift); I have completed my standard first aid course which took two evenings per week for this month (when I was almost done with the course then I realized that my current license will only expire in January 09 *grin* – too busy or too lazy to look up on my current license?); and for sure, working on a tight schedule for my up coming adventure race!

Reflect. Not too busy actually. I am plain lazy. I need motivational speakers like such …