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Friendship Bridge

Monday, August 20th, 2007

20 Aug 2007

Friendship Bridge

I will like to bring you back to our journey from Nepal to Tibet. I was very excited as I knew that I would have a chance to cross the all time famous Friendship Bridge. Some 15yrs ago, I was suppose to have joined a group of friends on a backpacking trip from Nepal to China, via the silk road, but did not get to do it as I could not get leave from work. And since then, I did not have a chance to do it. So, I am glad I managed it this time 🙂 The bridge stands at 1770m a.s.l. At the middle of the bridge, there is a line separating Nepal from China! There are some interesting history about the bridge which I have read, but forgot! Will write it down on my return trip and update here :p

Back to our days at Nyalam, we spent two days here at 3655m a.s.l. We did two acclimatization walk up to 4180m. The team is going strong and steady. After dinner, I went to check my emails and was sadden to know that my good friend, Ivy is not feeling that well and has been hospitalized! After some verifications with Chee Meng, I was told that she was down with irregular fever and has been suspected to have dengue 🙁

Dengue fever is not to be taken lightly. Late last month, a friend cum business associates was hit by dengue and did not survive the ordeal. I pray that Ivy will get well soon and be her usual bubbly self. Pray that she’ll get well quickly to resume running as running is one of her favourite sporting activities.

As I crossed the friendship bridge, I was thinking of my friends back in Singapore 🙂

Friendship Bridge – sign board

Joanne & PG at Friendship Bridge

Ivy & Jones – Kelvin peeping from the back

Greetings from Kathmandu

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Dear friends

Once again, I am back to Kathmandu. A place filled with travallers from all over the world.
The moment I stepped into the airport, memories of my past visits flashed in.

The weather here for the past two days are similiar to Singapore’s – warm and rainy, but minus the humidity, so not too bad. We had to either carry an umbrella or put on our sponsored Marmot goretex shell when moving around Thamel.

Traffic here is terrible, horns can be heard everywhere and anytime. The drivers here do not practice any rules. I have witnessed a scene where 5 small taxis (size of a mini-copper), each heading on one another, trying to drive through a narrow cross junction. No one was willing to give way, and later, another few motorbikes added to the jam. Thank goodness I was able to squeeze in-between gaps to move on. Traffic situation was much bettter in the winter, I believe so :p

We are staying in Hotel Tibet, about 3km away from Thamel. To go to Thamel, we have to take a taxi. Walking is another alternative, but but … 🙂 The taxi fare is 50 ruppees one way. Taxi drivers will first quote at 100rupees and it is your wits and generousity that make that final deal.

We are moving away from Kathmandu today. Base on our planned schedule, we are suppose to leave on the 19th, anyhow, the necessary stuff already settled, so we decided to leave Kathmandu as soon as we can. We have stayed in Kathmandu for 2days. I did not apply for an entry visa, my other teammates did – paid S$65 for that when in Singapore. Nepal now offers 3days free entry to most nationalities, so I save on that 🙂

I am feeling good, just that I needed more sleep to compensate those lost hours for the last 2 weeks. I think I complaint to some of you that I had chest tightness, or even Asthma. I no longer feel that way anymore. Eating form major part of my activities here in Kathmandu, feel like I am putting on weight!

My team celebrated Peh Gee’s and my birthday last evening. We had dinner at Le Bistrol, the beer garden cafe next to Kathmandu Guesthouse and Barnes bookshop (if you can recall :)). We also met up with our Mera trip’s (Swet’s trip) guide, Lobsang! We had dinner together.

We will go to Zhangmu (Tibet, China) and rest there for a day or maybe two and will proceed to Nyalam thereafter. We will stock up more of our basecamp food from Zhangmu. Our last civilisation will be at Tingri, and will start our acclimatization walk then. Oh, we had started our Diamox feast …Dr Mok wants us to do that. We are drinking lots of water and visiting the loo very often!

Alright, I got to go. I’ll try to write again.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes.

Hotel Tibet
Kathmandu, 5:50am
18 Aug 2007

Transfer from Hotel Tibet to Kodari – Border to China

The Race is finally over!

Monday, August 13th, 2007

It has been a long week, tedious but enjoyable. Finally, the race concluded and all went well as planned! I am glad that there were no casualties, and no hiccups in the race route. But racers still complaint about too much leg work 🙂 I did not receive many feedback from Teams, which they would normally quick to do so. I am wondering why! Is now news means good news!?

I am really thankful to my friends who helped me to make Ace Adventure Challenge IV happened! How can I organise a race without this bunch of friends who gave their best always and make everything all so right. It is never my effort. They are my angels, they give me strength and faith to push beyond limits…

Now, I can fully concentrate on preparing for Cho Oyu. I am left with 2 full days to pack up my stuff and leave home for 2months. I did manage to do some pre-packing, and make the nec purchases in the midst of race preparation. My room is in a real mess, I do really have problems looking for my gear :p

Speaker at NYP

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

I am thrilled! The SDO at NYP, also an adventure racer, has requested for me to conduct a adventure race sharing session with his students! I feel so honoured to be able to do that. Best of all, they have also requested me to speak about the Women’s Everest team, which I am happy to talk about. This gives me an added opportunity to share our everest journey. Two months ago, I gave a talk at CJC, my audience was the Student leaders. I am impressed by their warm welcome and spontaneous responses to my slides. Their positive response was very motivating for me. I believe I will have another good experience at NYP.

I have decided to sign up for the marathon this year end, have you? 🙂