i am singing a song and dancing a jig, because i am in pain.

which is great! been pushing myself hard for training these past 3 days, dragging my sorry ass after work. it’s such a mental chore to move myself after a mind-debillitating day, but i’m getting better at it! totally miss panda not being around. she’s currently paddling away at slim river in perak with the rest of her rj colleagues. gah. rj is coming between me and my regular training buddy! so this week, i’ve missed my regular trail run buddy and joanne’s horror stories about bangalas hiding in the bushes in macrit has deterred me from going alone. sheesh. anyway, speaking of panda, maomao and i had a really bad joke going about panda falling into slim river, thus displacing all water and hence earning it the moniker of “dry river”. not very amusing, i know.

still! it’s been 3 great days of training and i’m looking forward to nothing more strenuous than a swim tomorrow. i think i’ve been subconsciously making up for the crap run i had on sunday with panda (pre-slim river) and maomao on the 4 hills/southern ridges route. the route stretches from mount faber to henderson waves, telok blangah (i think), hort park, kent ridge park and then labrador park. under normal circumstances, i think the route wouldn’t have been so bad, given our comfort at doing hilly trail runs, but the insane temperature of like, 40 deg that morning was seriously punishing. i got a tan line from one morning! if it wasn’t for a particular furry-headed creature who over-catnapped, we would probably have managed to avoid the worst of the sun. bleah.

post run and post post-run stuffing, i caught mama mia! with kyo. i’m completely addicted to movie musicals. since the days of fantastic classic hollywood with soundtracks the industry has never equalled since, the movie musical has been my one guilty indulgence. i’m not about to go into an entire digesis on the genre right now (in less brain dead days i probably would have, but thinking analytically takes too much effort these days), but suffice to say that i’m now an abba fan. which is highly embarrassing.

since we’re on the topic of training and music, i thought i’d share my favourite music playlist that never fails to keep me going hard. when you’re half dead, music matters. now and again, i feel like i’m “cheating”, but oh well, whatever floats my boat.

so this is in no particular order and you should try these if you’re ever in need for a sprint push.

1. gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight)– abba/mama mia! soundtrack
2. does your mother know– abba/ mama mia! soundtrack
3. paralyzer– finger eleven
4. breakin’ dishes– rihanna
5. disease– matchbox twenty
6. let’s get loud– jennifer lopez
7. ain’t it funny– jennifer lopez
8. minority– green day
9. hitchin’ a ride– green day
10. american idiot– green day
11. feedback– janet jackson
12. scream– michael and janet jackson
13. beat it– fall out boy
14. as if– blaque
15. candyman– christina aguilera
16. somebody told me– the killers
17. get your number — mariah carey ft jermaine dupri
18. sure– take that
19. break the ice– britney spears
20. don’t stop the music– rihanna
21. shut up and drive– rihanna
22. everything– michael buble
23. falling in love (is hard on the knees)– aerosmith
24. twisted transistor– korn
25. the middle– jimmy eat world
26. run the show–kat deluna
27. mei fei se wu– sammi cheng (this is totally lihui’s fault)
28. she bangs– ricky martin (how embarrassing)
29. smooth– santana ft rob thomas
30. victory– bond
31. livin’ on a prayer– bon jovi
32. gasolina– daddy yankee
33. impacto– daddy yankee ft fergie
34. love it when you call– the feeling
35. curbside prophet– jason mraz
36. linkin park– bleed it out
37. it’s like that– run dmc vs jason nevins
38. metallica– enter sandman
39. how far we’ve come– matchbox twenty
40. can’t get you out of my head– kylie minogue

so that’s the pop music running playlist. next up, i shall share my jazz for running playlist. yep you can run to jazz. no kidding.

3 Responses to “singsingsing”

  1. joanne says:

    that’s a long play list my lovely leader …

    bangalas are not alone … we are a multi-national country! gosh … creepy ya?

  2. Jane says:

    ya la! u have freaked me out about getting attacked while on the trail. i really didn’t think anyone would spend all that time hiding in the bush feeding mozzies like that. and in any case, if there are TWO ppl hiding in the bushes, what good will it do for me to be running with, say, yihui? i’m sure she can’t do more than squeak and curl into a ball or something.

  3. Kylie Batt says:

    ? ?????????, ??, ??-?????, ?? ?? ?????. ? ??????. ??????? ??????? ???….

    ??????????? ……

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