i am aching in places i never knew existed.

at the ripe old age of 24, father time is catching up with me.

abandoned the run + gym today for a “recovery” swim this afternoon during lunch, but the sheer monotony of a long mindless swim sometimes tends to stand in the way of “recovery”. usually, i do my best to get it over with. managed to do 50 continuous laps within an hour. yay. itch from minor sunburn, nay.

in a shitty mood, so in a valiant attempt at uplift, i shall remind myself of 10 things i love, starting with a random letter that i shall hit on my keyboard (it’s kinda hard to generate “randomness” when you more or less know what letter is spaced where on the board).


great. i hit a full stop.


1. Gear–i totally love getting new climbing gear! i love doing research and reading gear reviews, ordering the items, waiting in anticipation for them to arrive and then tearing off the wrapping and testing everything out!

2. Gym–according to lihui, i live in the gym. enough said.

3. Green–my new favourite colour. after a long spell of pink (which will never end), yellow and purple.

4. Greenday–“hitchin’ a ride” is still my all time favourite running track.

5. Gal pals–we all need a bitchfest once in a while and more importantly, the right people who’ll listen and make requisite sympathetic noises at suitable intervals. it usually doesn’t really matter if they’re actually listening.

6.  Gregory Maguire’s “Wicked”–a postmodern twist to oz

7. “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”!!!–marilyn monroe single-handedly started my love affair with classic hollywood (i realise i’m beginning to cheat here, but i can’t think of very many more “G” things that i love).

8. GOYA!–the father of modern art

9. Gobstoppers–mummmmwwmmummmumww…

10. Gummi Bears–i count myself lucky to have found a gummi bear soulmate in kyo. he’s useful for eating all the yellow ones i don’t like but can’t simply throw away.

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