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coming up! my first duathlon…

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

two days ago, i discovered to my horror that the saab city duathlon (run 10km, bike 40km, run 5km) is next sunday.

i had signed up for the event as a spur of the moment thing aeons ago and then completely forgot about it. two days ago, as kyo and i were on our way to dinner after work, i saw one of those lamp post banners that event organizers are so fond of, advertising the event for next sunday.


and i haven’t even had enough time on my bike to speak of.

i’ve now decided on a kamikaze course of action, to attempt to work wonders within a span of 10 days. it seems a bit *toot* to just “go for fun”, so i’ve contrived to at least put up some semblance of having trained for it.

this morning, i got up at an ungodly 4am to meet my equally hare-brained training buddy at east coast park. we ran 10km in pretty good time, finishing in 51mins. i like to think that if it weren’t for the strong winds blowing up from the sea, we would’ve been faster. hah.

after the run, we hopped on our bikes and biked 40km up and down from fort road towards nsrcc twice and made the distance in 1:31, which was pretty surprising since we had:

1. a bike chain derail emergency
2. two toilet breaks
3. said strong headwind

to contend with.

i’m still missing the last 5km run, but alas, work beckoned and we had to leave the place.

this weekend, i shall endeavour to try out the actual race route and see how *chui* i eventually end up.  

not to mention doing a test run of how power gel diluted in water in a hydration pack will taste like.

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008



for the longest time ever, i think i’ve been too comfortable doing endurance trainings in an aerobic pace. read: 75% HR for hours. so much so that while i’ve mastered the zen art of tuning my brain out while the clock ticks on, i’ve pretty much forgotten the heart-pumping, lung-busting, vein-popping feel of a sub-anaerobic pace.

so these last 3 weeks, i’ve been adding interval runs and tempo runs to my usual mind-numbing routine, to bump up the training a notch.

and i’m pretty pleased with how this new sub-anaerobic training is turning out so far, cuz this evening (after a long day at work, mind!), i ran a 5km road distance with 2 colleagues and clocked a time of 23 mins 5 s.

it’s not supersonic speed, but i’m happy i managed to sustain the sub-anaerobic pace for the distance. i shall (temporarily) rest on my laurels by imagining that i’ll eventually be able to do 45min 10k runs. haha. =)