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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

i just read lihui’s past blog entry about how she’s being spread too thin. i think all of us in the team echo her sentiments.

if i could have just ONE day, when my phone doesn’t ring, my email inboxes don’t flood, when i don’t need to go for any meeting, attend some event or write another proposal…then maybe it’s time for me to buy 4D cuz it must be a damn lucky day.

thing is, i don’t enjoy being idle and a healthy bit of rushing around is always preferable than staying at home twiddling my thumbs. 

it’s when i find myself squeezing in really rushed 1-hr workouts at breakneck speed, finishing only half of what i originally intended for the day and then blowing $25 (damn fare hikes!!!) on cab fare just so i can be somewhere just in time, then all is not right in jane’s universe. this has been life for the past few weeks, for as long as i can remember.

these days, it’s getting increasingly hard to drag myself up at the crack of dawn to train. i still think that i get the best training done before work, but these mornings, waking up has become a severe pain in the butt. most days, i wake up feeling like i’m not too sure when i even fell asleep. i’m convinced everyone in the team, bleary-eyed as we all are, have been there.

at present, i’m looking at all the things i have on my plate: team commitments, training, work, family and i’m finding that i’m tripping and tumbling between all these stools, with nothing done to perfection because there simply isn’t enough time or me to go around.

nevertheless, i look forward to the day when i’m standing at the airport with the girls, bags and barrels all packed with a plane ticket for kathmandu and a permit for everest. THEN maybe i’ll be able to get some rest. until the plane lands that is.

on a brighter note, i did have one merry day two weeks ago (alas, i have no time to blog regularly, so everything is backdated. haha) when kyo and tristan (kyo’s nephew) celebrated their birthdays together at the singapore art museum!

kyo, aged as he is at 27, carrying (in a not very comfy fashion), 1-year old tristan!

my turn to carry the munchkin! he looks slightly quizzical… my smile is actually misleading. baby weighs a hefty 11kg!

the SPC peeps! =D

andy tan…

andy ding…

my god. andy what is wrong with you??

my birthday present for baby!!! a rocking horse! from what i hear, the munchkin is making meals out of the horse’s mane though… 0_O

kyo and i went for ZoukOut. pictures taken near one of the entrances.

which was about as far as we got.

barely an hour into the event, both of us simultaneously decided to GO HOME and eat supper. talk about getting old. and boring. and unhappening.

kyo (30 mins after our arrival, about as long as it took us to park): er…are you getting bored yet?

me (45 mins after our arrival, the interim 15mins during which we bumped into an spc friend who was drinking out of a hydration pack filled with booze…): we have to train tomorrow right?

kyo (50 mins after our arrival and 2 orange juices later): ok i’m sleepy let’s go.

thus, there ended the extent of our stoned ZoukOut conversation and partygoing experience.

we’re growing old without a social calendar.