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Friday, November 23rd, 2007

One of the best things i love about working in RP, is the fact that my office is at the Sports Complex, i.e. having an olympic-sized pool at my doorstep! I went for a lunch-time swim with some colleagues (another bonus: colleagues for company!) since the day was too beautiful to not be in the pool. Finished a 50-lap swim and I feel GREAT!

Swimming has got to be the most boring sport in my books, but I’m addicted to the after effect of feeling really taut and toned after a long swim (even though it only lasts until after the next meal). After a long run, i just feel like jello and after a stairs session, the only thing I feel is this overall soreness and bloatiness which I attribute to having a hip belt pressing down and ankle weights weighing down on me.

Perhaps if I invested in a nifty underwater mp3 player (it really exists by the way), long swims will be less tedious.


For the first time in two weeks, I had some spare time for myself last night. In between the conclusion of one meeting over beer at the Penny Black and waiting for Kyo to meet me for dinner, I had half an hour to myself during which I didn’t have to rush off to meet someone, do something, be some place or get somewhere. What a luxury.

I took a nice stroll down from Boat Quay to the Esplanade and at the park area near the waterfront, there was this couple that was walking towards me and all of a sudden, the guy just stopped and pulled the girl down in a totally exaggerated Hollywood-style kiss that can only happen in the movies.

If the couple caught up in the acrobatic liplock had bothered to surface for air, they would have seen me walking past with a quizzical frown. Don’t get me wrong though, I wasn’t furrowing my brows from the perspective of a prude, cuz god knows what I’m guilty of, but it’s the fact that such acts of spontaneous romance can still exist.

I think I have unconsciously become a romance-cynic.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the nice things like a lift home after a long day at work or a  sandwich waiting for me after training, but it’s the entire stable of that romantic spiel of flowers, candy, hallmark cards, hot air balloon proposals and related “grand gestures” that just inspire a raised eyebrow.

Just what is the deal with “romance” anyway? We’re sold bucket-loads of it every year during Valentine’s Day. And from all that lovey dovey blitz that I’ve been bombarded with over the years, I am supposed to feel as unloved, unwanted and undesirable as a three-legged cat with a flea infestation and one eye, if I am not wined, dined, given hallmark-approved “surprises” and the like.

Anyone with enough time on his hands to execute some (pretty standard) planning can be romantic. A large part of the romantic appeal is that “Oh! I didn’t expect this!” factor that comes from being spontaneously surprised, but isn’t romance just a small word for one big premediated effort? If you ask me, lust can be spontaneous, love is nurtured and romance is well, just premediated.

I think life is too short to be wasted beating around the bush. Which is essentially what romance is all about isn’t it? Showing love and appreciation with the help of flowers, cards, bears, limos, dancing gorillas, gondola rides and sky-writing.

By my standards, true love only comes in one form and it doesn’t involve surprising grand gestures: when your boyfriend doesn’t make the choice between beloved PSP or girlfriend time and instead, gives you the PSP to amuse yourself on the commute to work. =)

=D Happiness!

Friday, November 16th, 2007

My legs are aching, but I’m totally pleased. =) Yihui and I (together with Kyo) ran 30km yesterday evening! Damn shiok. We hadn’t done such a long distance in a while and our wheels and cogs were a mite rusty, but it was gratifying to know that our endurance base was still sufficiently in place to allow for an impromptu 30km run without too much agony.

During the run, Yihui and I did the usual reminiscing about past climbs and we were musing about how much we missed Cho Oyu, being on the climb, the regular grind of acclimatization climbs, the base camp atmosphere, staying at our tents, driving across tibet on 4WDs and enjoying naan and lassi in Kathmandu. After having gone through that entire experience, it seemed so surreal as if it belonged to some other past life and there we were, running at east coast (again, as we have over the past few years) talking about it. One thing we totally agreed upon, was that after having survived Cho Oyu, most notably our amazing 19 hour summit day (during which NONE of us went to pee, to the amazement of our sherpas), nothing can be impossible, much less a 30km run. 

It’s a comforting source of confidence to have, that having been pushed to the brink and back on Cho Oyu (almost to the point of crawling in the process, very unglam), we’ll always have something as a yardstick of exhaustion to compare the rest of our training to. But only until Everest that is. =) So yes, being superultramegashack at some point does have its eventual benefits.  


On another note, I went for a recce at Pulau Ubin with my colleagues David and Seung and I never expected the following view:

That’s David pointing out the edge for the quarry jump. I didn’t realise that Ubin has such a big scenic quarry. Although it did require us to remove a section of the surrounding fence to crawl into the area to find out… Not that I recommend it, but it’s all in the name of a fruitful recce! Thanks to the Ubin “lao-chiaos”, I got to visit mountain biking trails that were off the beaten track! And there aren’t many of these left anymore. Yeah, so visit Ubin, before it gets any more “prettied up” than it already is and becomes another Sentosa.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


6 babes, free beer and an adrenalin rush???

Man this is just too good to be true!

Ok, so the term “babes” is pushing it a little, the beer isn’t exactly free and the adrenalin rush may be vicarious, but what the hell, come down for the MARMOT MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL anyway!

The event will be held on the 15 of Dec at Ice Cold Beer, which is a pub on the ground floor of SMU, on the side facing Chijmes. Come find out more about our amazing Cho Oyu climb from our video and slideshow presentation and we’ll tell you how we braved 8000m and returned triumphant from the jaws of death! we’ll show you photos of death-defying high altitude stunts and showcase videography at its most extreme!

Obviously, I’m bragging, but hey, with the FREE FLOW of Stella Artois beer, you won’t even notice after a while.

All proceeds from the ticket sales will directly go to the team so if you’ve been thinking for ways and means to fulfil some karmic duty and help us, then this is it!


Marmot Mountain Festival
15 Dec
3pm till late (we promise to entertain)
Ice Cold Beer (SMU ground floor)
$30, inclusive of food and free flow of beer
Tickets are available at Camper’s Corner #01-13, Capitol Building (It’s the white building directly opposite City Hall MRT and diagonally across the road from Raffles City shopping centre.)


In other news, I’m totally pleased. My horribly sprained left ankle (thanks to a particularly careless trail run at MacRitchie) has finally healed! Or at least, it has healed enough for me to run! I did a 10km run yesterday after an agonizing one week hiatus and it was great! It’s amazing what post-run endorphins can do for you. I was feeling crabby the entire week with lots of excess energy that upper body weights training wasn’t dissipating well enough. So yippeeeee I’m back! And in good time, with less than 4 weeks to the marathon.

Speaking of marathon, Yihui, Lihui, Esther and myself are taking part in this weekend’s vertical marathon. We may just turn up in our packs and decked out in our climbing gear for kicks. Wave if you see us. =)

jane blogs again. yikes.

Monday, November 5th, 2007

i’ve gone and done it again. not blog for yonks. i maintain that i was always meant to be a luddite and all things that come with wires are repelled from me.

the singapore river regatta came and went this weekend past. on a happy note, my younger brother, paddling for RP, took home a silver medal in the men’s open category. yay for younger brothers! =)

on a not too merry note, i realised just how much i missed the whole being in spc (singapore paddle club) thing! true, i only paddled for sava ’06, but because of my relationship with kyo, a permanent dragonboat fixture since like 1965, it seems like i’ve been around the sport for a much longer time.

climbing is my first love, but i’m also a real water baby at heart and when i was actually training for it during the post mustagh climb break last year, i thought the sport was totally fun. no plans of hanging up my crampons EVER, but hey, there’ll be some room for more paddling in the post-Everest future. =)

i was only at the race for short periods last weekend, but that was long enough to catch up with some old friends and timely enough to get a load of kyo’s broken paddle. which i thought, in utterly bimbo fashion, was such a turn on. kyo actually managed to break his carbon paddle in half while doing a draw stroke before a race start. without much consideration for consequence, i thought hefting a broken paddle was pretty amazing, to his consternation.

anyway, on an even more ridiculous note, i shall leave off with some monday comic relief, courtesy of mr a*** t**. some things (and people) just never change. =)

you HAVE to see this!