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12 July

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

i must seriously be getting old.

had stairs training yday, followed by a run, during which i think i pulled/ strained something in my left knee. so now when i stand up or walk around, there’s like this tugging feeling at the back of my knee cap. sorta like having a neck crick you can’t get rid of.

major bummer.

i really must be getting old.

stairs trg was totally agonizing. we’ve graduated to doing a 40 storey block now and i started by myself ahead of the rest yday so it was pretty much plod plod plod without looking up the whole time. at least that was an average day. on bad days, i swear i sometimes feel sorry for myself.

i was telling kyo last week that for some reason, stairs trg doesn’t really feel like real trg to me, so these days, i’ll do a run as well on my stairs days to mitigate the strange sensation of having spent a couple of hours but not exactly “trg”. even though stairs trg = completely knackered, maybe it’s because i can’t exactly move very fast cuz of the pack and the leg weights that stairs trg doesn’t really “feel” damn shiok, as compared to a run or swim.

after stairs, i just feel like crap.

gah. thanks to the bad knee, looks like today’s going to be an unconducive day for trg. i live in the blissful hope that one day, i’ll be able to replace my bad knee tendon/ joint with some artificial crap that will never act up on me.

so the other day, es’s bf, jeremy (*waves*) suggested tt we all blog/ blog more about our lives, to which someone replied that we don’t really have what most ppl will call, “a life”.

i mean, i was trawling through some ppl’s blogs the other day and there were a ton of pictures and entries on hip and happening places to eat at, new clubs to visit, ppl they’ve met, things to do. heck. some of these blogs read like a veritable lonely planet guide on what to do in singapore. the only “lonely planet” moment i’m currently experiencing is the self-inflicted state of isolation somewhere in a 40 storey block in toa payoh.

and then you have others who blog about exciting travels now tt it’s the sch holiday season and more who write about the great time they’re having on exchange overseas and being able to travel around in between term breaks.

to be frank, for all of 5 seconds, i sometimes catch myself wondering how different life would be if it weren’t for the monolith that is the everest project. i would definitely have gone for exchange overseas, maybe travel a bit, see a couple of places. i might also have ended up clubbing/ shopping/ dining and possibly succumbing to doing a whole host of other reputedly “hip and happening” things.

but what’s more likely, is that if there wasn’t the everest thing going on, i’ll probably still be trg for something crazy, of the “once-in-your-lifetime” category.

i’ve always suspected that the entire school-stress-rat-race mode of life has had a deleterious effect on our mental and emotional sanity that simply screams out for release in various adrenaline junkie type ways.

so when the 5 seconds of living a mental existence of the “other side” is up, i’m pretty much happy to admit that by having “no life”, probably as perceived by 99% of sane human beings, i’m strangely content.

these days, with everything save mars all mapped out, adventure expeditions are no longer about exploring the unknown, but the unpredictable. for me, the mega huge “paycheck” of an exhilarating (crevasses and all) climb is more than worth the routine monotony of having “no life” the rest of the time.

so in the same spirit of yh’s buoyant optimism (perfected by years of ribbing on her “svelte” figure), that being “round” in figure is also being in “shape”, whoever said having “no life” can’t be something to aspire towards anyway?

although i somehow don’t quite think this is what j had in mind when he told us to blog, but oh well. what can i say. i have a bad knee, no social calendar and my running shoes are my best friends.

wouldn’t have it any other way. =)