what a year!

much has happened in 2009, and i have much to give thanks for. i was asked to draw up a list of thanksgiving items the other week, and as i listed them down one by one, i felt a little overwhelmed by how blessed i am. here’s a snapshot of my thanksgiving, in no order of importance:

– being alive
– summiting and surviving everest
– God drawing me close
– guoyong
– still having a job after everest
– the love of my family, my parents, their food
– sunsets
– being reminded that peace can only be found in God
– our new place
– sisters
– marriage
– friends
– more time on my hands, without having to train 6 times a week anymore
– mountain biking
– coming back to a cg after many years
– being able to share the everest experience with others
– getting baptised finally
– God’s presence and His word, which comforted me in distress
– all the little bits of marriage and wedding stuff that pieced together
– my room
– my teammates
– kim boon
– my sherpa, jamling, who saved my life

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