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red-eyed monster

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

i was a red-eyed monster for a while… having had infection in my right eye once every month for the past 6 months. my GP from raffles medical scared me by telling me it could be a cornea ulcer, so i hurried to see Dr Lee Hung Meng who performed the lasik surgery on me 4 years ago. he’s great, squeezing me in his busy schedule and taking care to examine my eye properly. the current diagnosis is that no there isn’t any cornea ulcer in my eye, but there appears to be a layer that’s loose in my eye. he’s given me a gel to apply for a month to improve the situation and keep the red-eyed monster at bay. let’s hope it works!

what a year!

Monday, December 28th, 2009

much has happened in 2009, and i have much to give thanks for. i was asked to draw up a list of thanksgiving items the other week, and as i listed them down one by one, i felt a little overwhelmed by how blessed i am. here’s a snapshot of my thanksgiving, in no order of importance:

– being alive
– summiting and surviving everest
– God drawing me close
– guoyong
– still having a job after everest
– the love of my family, my parents, their food
– sunsets
– being reminded that peace can only be found in God
– our new place
– sisters
– marriage
– friends
– more time on my hands, without having to train 6 times a week anymore
– mountain biking
– coming back to a cg after many years
– being able to share the everest experience with others
– getting baptised finally
– God’s presence and His word, which comforted me in distress
– all the little bits of marriage and wedding stuff that pieced together
– my room
– my teammates
– kim boon
– my sherpa, jamling, who saved my life