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in life…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

sometimes, you win

and sometimes you lose. badly.

the climb

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

i just finished reading The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev and G.Weston DeWalt. it documents Boukreev’s recollection of the ’96 Everest tragedy and how he’d saved his clients from death in the blistering cold after their summit bid which was loop-holed with time delays, terrible weather, and the lack of sufficient oxygen bottles and manpower.

yes Anatoli is a hero, and so is everyone else who tries to lengthen the life of another human being on a mountain that can take yours without so much as lifting a finger.

but my thoughts are with those who’re left behind to rest in the eternal embrace of everest. what can one possibly be thinking when you know that you’ve been left for dead by your teammates and guides? what would this helplessness translate into, when you know you’ll be physically alone to face the last moments of your life?

hot off the press!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

hi folks, to commemorate our Everest climb next year, we’ve created a limited edition 2008 Calendar featuring our team story and pictures from our past expeditions. These A2 poster calendars are available for sale at $25nett each. You can email us at if you’re interested, or grab one fr the following ultra cool places:

Adventure 21
Books Actually
Camper’s Corner

Calendar 2008

Click on the images below to peek inside!

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Calendar 2008Calendar 2008

booze by the river

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

i can’t believe i’m re-posting lihui’s pictures coz of the incedible size of her photos. anyway this is my interpretation of the night and the people involved, sorry i can’t comment on joanne, chu and the rest… dun have your photos!


lihui, jane


pg, mike

it’s halloween again

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007


in a couple more days’ time, it’s going to be that time of the year again. the witches will come out of their closets, the black widows will sharpen their fangs. the nurses will prepare the syringes, the victims will polish their necks…

halloween, the one time of the year where everyone has the license to dress up and not be accused of pretending to be drag queens for the night. not to mention, the one night when your ‘free’ entry into zouk would cost you more than the usual ticket prices because of the money you splashed on your fancy costume to get through the door bitches.

i slipped into one of the dresses i usually wear to office anyway and slapped on a papery hat – tadah! a nurse, that was my halloween excuse 2 years back. i’m not sure if i’ll be attending any halloween parties this year. last year’s sailed through like a ship in the night. i think i must’ve curled up watching DVDs instead of people dancing on bar countertops.

maybe i shd go as a Tigh Monster this year. since all that spinning and BT will get me to that size in no time anyway. ha.


Thursday, October 18th, 2007

In a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be leading a group of students to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), under the YMCA volunteer program. People have told me it’s a waste of my limited annual leave, to be having 2 weeks off to go somewhere without a jacuzzi. To that, I roll my eyeballs. 

I like the kind of getaway where no wi-fi network can reach me, no emails can bother me, no facebook notifications can poke me. I like the feeling of being unreachable, but knowing that I’ll come back to it all. It makes me relish it even more.

ABC is also a good place for me to gain some altitude in my system. Albeit only 4000m, it’s better than sitting on my arse at sea level. Trekking with the students might potentially be interesting, I’ve never worked with 15-year-olds before (erm, besides the tuition kid I simple translated her history text into English for). During our last Bukit Timah session, we did the Dairy Farm Loop and those kids really impressed me with how much energy they have.

I don’t remember having this much energy when I was 15, I remember reading a lot of books at the upper deck of SBS buses. I remember hating the school’s compulsory outdoor adventure camp where seniors tortured us like ants. That didn’t leave me much room to enjoy the great outdoors.

If I could re-live my life when I was 15, I wonder what I’d change… 

up, up and away!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

today, 3 very rusty rock climbers went up the chimney at Yishun SAFRA today. to put it plainly, the experience was sprinkled with the soot of pain.

it’s been too long since i’ve rock-climbed, and rock climbing isn’t a forgiving sport. it left me 1 bruised knee, 3 angry blisters, extremely sore forearms and a lot of room for thought. i so need to rock climb more.

there’s something in seeing someone climb up a route gracefully, especially when you’ve attempted the route before and know it’s challenging. and when the person manages to climb up while making the attempt look effortless, you know months, years of effort went into that.

during my last climb, i told myself i want to come back to singapore and work on my rock climbing skills. i wanted to climb gracefully too, and leave these elephant-thumps i always use to heave myself up the walls with brute force.

perhaps it’s time to make time, and start travelling to the dreaded north for some real regular climbing.

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow…

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

another brick in the wall

conversations that should never have happened

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

[upon entering the spinning studio, i was amazed to see people in action already]

es: “gee… hey what time did this class start?”
guy on bike, spinning and puffing: “12”

es: “HUH??? it’s supposed to start at 1245! it’s only 1240, i’m early!”
gun on bike: “1245 was yesterday”

es: “WHAT?? SHITE. i thought today’s tuesday!”
[climbs onto bike, clumsily adjusts the height of the seat while simmering in embarrassment.]

instructor: “hi, i just want to tell you i’m not actually supposed to let you join the class if you’re late. but it’s alright.”
es: “yeah i’m so sorry, i thought i was early, tuesday, 1245…” (obviously not making sense while trying to explain)

so all though the spinning class, or whatever’s left of it, i was brought back to my NTU days, when i took Lumpston’s lit class in NIE…


[cheesy visual swirl, denoting the travel back in time]

es, strolls into class 10mins late with dripping wet hair and sits down.

prof: “hi, where were you?”
es: “oh, i went swimming.”

prof: “ok can you please leave the class now.”
es: “HUH???” (perplexed and confused, i started to pack my bag to leave, wondering why on earth was i penalised for being only 10mins late)

es, whispering to friend: “what’s wrong with him? i’m only 10mins late!”
friend of es: “no you’re not, you’re an hour and 10mins late!”
es: “oh gawd, SHITE…”

friend of es: “sir, she thought the class starts at 2pm.”

prof: “is that so?”
es: [nods profusely]

prof: “in that case, it’s a misunderstanding. you may stay.”
es: [slouches really deep into chair while the rest of the class remains amused]


sigh, i really have an issue with time.

hear the ultrasound

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

i decided to be kiasu about my ankle and promptly went to see both a GP and a physio yesterday.

here’re the different diagnoses:

GP says…
– go for x-ray
– anti-inflammatory cream
– anti-inflamratory/ pain relief pills
– gastric pills
– muscle relaxant
– out of action for 6 weeks (???!!)

Physio says…
– ligament not torn, just stretched & bruised
– put cream and massage, determine pain points
– ultrasound treatment
– balancing exercises
– tape ankle up
– ice it every night
– wear proper shoes during this period
– shd be up and running in 2-3weeks (yay!)

so i’m taking anti-inflammatory medication now, and going back to the physio at the end of the week. he’s going to check out my wonky knees as well then. all this means i’ll be spinning in the meantime, and can only run/climb in a couple of weeks. hopefully i get some training into my system before i have to set off to Annapurna Basecamp next month.

in other news, i finally got my Marmot-sponsored gear yesterday, yay!